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"Employ your time well, if you mean to gain leisure." - Ben Franklin

You deserve a strategy that adapts to your needs.

We create financial strategies tailored to your goals.

<b>Welcome to the "Judgment Free Zone"</b>

Welcome to the "Judgment Free Zone"

Have you ever been afraid to talk to a financial advisor because you felt you 'should' have more in savings, or 'should' have less debt, or 'should' understand how your investments work?

This is a judgment free zone. It's not about what you 'should' have done (or not done), it's about helping you where you are now, and taking steps to get to where you want to be.

When I was a young person, I wanted to grow up to be a teacher. And that's what I am. We help to take the sometimes confusing financial topics and break them down to help you understand what you want to know. That is the foundation that Single Point has been built upon.

<b>We help you align your money to your values.</b>

We help you align your money to your values.

At Single Point Financial Advisors, our clients are our focus. They are our "single point." We strive to create an experience for our clients that give them great service, provides a wide variety of potential solutions to their planning needs, and builds a positive relationship of trust. We are always working to improve our knowledge in all aspects involving financial planning and the needs of our clients.

In turn, Single Point is also about our clients' view of us. We want to be the first place you think of when you have transition in your life. When you have a change such as marriage, birth, divorce, death, purchase of a home, change of job, etc., we strive to be among the first you consult.

Take a look around and let us know how we can help you. You can reach us via the 'contact us' page or give us a call.

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