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Impact Investing: Aligning your dollars with your values

What is Sustainable, Responsible, Impact (SRI) Investing?

Many investors have conflict around how they invest their money and the companies that they invest with. Impact investors realize that they can have a positive or negative impact on their communities and the lives of people around the globe by incorporating SRI investing into their portfolio. Known as green, ethical, or socially responsible, SRI is about integrating values with investment decision-making.

Sustainable and responsible investing activates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into the investment selection process to pinpoint well-managed companies with demonstrated performance in areas of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate governance.

The idea is that by doing 'good' you can impact local, regional, and even global change. Green investment strategies seek out companies working in more sustainable industries, whose executive teams have demonstrated a commitment to accountability and ethical practices. ESG analysis is a way to manage and reduce portfolio risk, while supporting and profiting from better managed companies over the longer term.

If this type of investment strategy appeals to you, reach out. We have many solutions that could be the right fit for you to match your values with your money.

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